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일반 베개(베개 커버 재질에 관계없이)에서 잘 때 피부가 늘어나고 압축되어 주름이 생기고 아침에 붓기가 생길 수 있습니다.

시간이 지남에 따라 영구적인 주름으로 변합니다.

특별한 디자인 덕분에 슬립앤글로우는 얼굴과 베개 사이의 접촉을 줄이면서 편안함을 제공하여 수면 주름과 아침 붓기를 예방 및 방지합니다.

전 세계 80,000 명의 여성들이 이미 저희 제품을 통해 뷰티슬립을 경험하고 있습니다.

주름 방지 이 베개는 수면 주름을 예방하는 데 도움이됩니다. 고급 페이스 크림이나 보톡스 조차도 수면 주름에 대처할 수 없습니다.
붓기 감소 이 베개는 아침 붓기를 줄여줍니다 베개의 인체공학적 설계 덕분입니다.
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훌륭한 가치 베개는 5년 동안 사용할 수 있으며 5 년치 크림과 보톡스 주사의 극히 일부 비용으로 더 나은 효과를 가져다 줍니다.
아름다운 속눈썹 속눈썹의 수명을 연장합니다.

피부 미용 전문가 및 정형 외과 의사와 함께 개발하였습니다.

인체공학적으로 설계된 옴니아는 옆으로 또는 등을 대고 자는 동안 편안함을 제공할 뿐만 아니라 미용 효과도 제공합니다.

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특성 및 크기

무게 : 1.08 kg
크기 : 36cm x 54cm x 13cm

베개 중앙 높이는 8cm이며 좌우 높이는 최대 10cm입니다. 등을 대거나 옆으로 누워서도 편안합니다. 상부 머리 지지대 높이는 11cm이며 추가레이어를 넣게되면 제품 높이를 1.5cm 늘릴 수 있습니다.


베개 : 은이온이 함유된 100 %  폴리우레탄 메모리 폼

베갯잇 : 상단 레이어 100 %텐셀 (천연 유칼립투스 섬유), 하단 레이어 폴리에스테르 95 %, 스판덱스 5 %

삽입물 : 100 % 폴리아미드 직물로 포장된 100 % 폴리 우레탄 폼

베개 보증 : 구매 일로부터 3년

베갯잇 보증 : 구매 일로부터 6개월

전세계 전문가들의 선택을 받았습니다

"슬립앤글로우 베개는 주름방지를 위한 뛰어난 발명품입니다"

- Dr. David Shafer, New York, USA
"You can protect your surgery, procedures and get better results"

This very, very unique beauty pillow...I want to help you protect your face after aesthetic surgery and medical procedures like fillers, facelifts, and rhinoplasty, while you are sleeping, because we spend a lot of time sleeping and you're just crushing it with a standard pillow. It doesn't make any sense!

"The Sleep&Glow Pillow is a great invention for preventing sleep wrinkles"

When you sleep all night long on your face, you're squishing your face and making these sleep wrinkles, causing static wrinkles that can't be fixed with fillers or other treatments. So it's really important to use a beauty pillow and giving yourself the best opportunity to have smooth skin.

"L’Omnia - mon produit préféré et emblématique de la marque."

Sleep&Glow a créé un oreiller avec différentes formes, ça évite d’avoir cette pression qui est exercée sur le visage pendant la nuit, et ça empêche la formation des plis (qui se transforment en rides permanentes avec le temps). Ce qui est aussi incroyable, c’est la matière en elle-même : c’est mou, et en même temps vous avez un véritable maintien.

"Das Omnia Kissen passt für alle, die gesund schlafen möchten!"

Ich schlafe super gerne auf der Seite, und sobald ich mich umdrehe, werde ich hier dank dieser Kuhle drin nicht wie mit einem normalen Kissen komprimiert. Die Halswirbelsäule ist echt gerade und das Kissen passt sich durch die 7 Zonen der Form Ihres Gesichtes und Körpers an. Die Blutversorgung und der Lymphfluss werden dabei nicht gestört. 100% empfehlenswert! 

Ich mag das Omnia-Kissen von Sleep&Glow, ich habe festgestellt, dass ich viel besser schlafe!

Ich habe das Sleep&Glow-Kissen getestet, das als Anti-Aging-Kissen und als Kissen zur Verbesserung des Schlafs bezeichnet wird. Und ich muss sagen, dass ich wirklich besser geschlafen habe, das zeigt sich auch in meiner Schlaf-Tracking-App. Ich bin sehr zufrieden damit!

The Sleep&Glow pillow is a novel solution to prevent and treat sleep lines and moring puffiness!

With age sleep wrinkles become permanent. The skin compression last for hours and that’s why sleep wrinkles are more difficult to correct. Botox, lasers and energy devices produce a short term effect. The Sleep&Glow Omnia pillow is a novel solution to prevent sleep lines, wrinkles as well as morning puffiness! It has a unique 3D-design that supports the upper and mid face reducing compressive forces!


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Paul B. Maltby 04 June 2022
My wife asked for this pillow, and she couldn't be happier! It's soft, comfortable and relaxing. She's sleeping better and looks refreshed every morning.
더 읽어보기
Bri 09 March 2022
Hello. I got my pillow. It’s the second night I’ve slept on it and I’m enjoying it. Thank you very much, I don't see one single morning line on my face. The pillow is very comfortable and pleasant to lie on. I didn’t even have to get used to it. I'm very happy with it.
더 읽어보기
Stefanie 07 March 2022
I wanted to say that the material of the pillow is so comfortable, it just wraps my face! My husband asks if there is an ordinary orthopedic pillow made of such material? Where could I buy it?
더 읽어보기
Vera 09 February 2022
My main problem is morning puffiness, as I like burying my face in the pillow. In the morning, my face looks swollen and riddled with pillow creases. I spent a long time deciding whether or not to buy the Sleep&Glow pillow, as it costs a lot, but eventually I decided to try it. In the beginning, it seemed a bit strange, but I quickly got used to it after only one night. I was surprised how comfortable it was. After the first night, I noticed that my swelling decreased slightly. In two weeks, my overall complexion looks healthier.
더 읽어보기
Jasmin Jie de Vries 08 February 2022
The pillow is definitely very comfortable with just the right amount of firmness and the height of the pillow relieves my back pain. Overall a great purchase and I hope to see younger looking skin the more I use it!
더 읽어보기
Julie Becker 09 December 2021
This pillow is a great idea, but as a petite lady 5' 1" it was not sized for me. Be Careful, there is only a 2 week return policy. So you barely get to try it and they have to receive it by 2 weeks from the date you purchased it. I thought it was 30 days. So I'm stuck with a pillow that is too high for my neck. I purchased this pillow after a Youtube review.
더 읽어보기
The Miu Edit 02 November 2021
I’m very pleased with my first Sleep & Glow pillow from night one! I was excited to find about the pillow as I’m a skincare / anti-aging fanatic as well as being a shallow sleeper to begin with. I’m still in a process of observing my face’s reaction against sleep wrinkles, but as to comfort the pillow gives me when I rest my head against it surprised me. It didn’t take much time to get used to it and feels I could sleep deeper not worrying too much about sleep wrinkles! Stay tuned for a long term result...
더 읽어보기
Emma 29 October 2021
Dear Sleep and Glow I have had my pillow for almost a week and am delighted with it. It is super comfortable and easy to get used to. It has always been hard for me to change pillows but this one is a delight. I am sleeping very well on it and when I wake up my skin feels rested in comparison to squashed. I take so much care of my skin that this feels like the necessary last step. I wish I had discovered this pillow earlier. Kind regards
더 읽어보기
Larissa 08 August 2021
I got used to the pillow pretty quickly, in 2-3 nights. It is very convenient and very pleasant on the skin. In my opinion, my face looks fresher and less swollen after sleeping. The silk pillowcase is very delicate and soft.
더 읽어보기
Sally 30 July 2021
After 6 months of sleeping on this pillow, I am hooked! I have to take it with me when I travel because I like it so much. Before Sleep & Glow, I was a stomach sleeper which caused so many problems. I wasn't aligned properly while I slept, which wasn't good for posture. But my biggest issue was the puffy eyes and face creases that I had every morning after sleeping with my face buried my old pillow. I've had allergies all my life, so my eyes need every bit of help they can get! Now, I'm a side sleeper and sometimes even a back sleeper, and my face is ready for the day when I wake up!
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